The Art of Rejection: Lessons from Job Applicants

There’s nothing pleasant about informing applicants that they won’t receive a grant or scholarship or make the cut. It’s not what the applicant wants to hear, and it can be difficult news to deliver. Yet it can be an important step, both for the applicant’s experience and the organization’s reputation.  Let’s get some ideas from looking at best practices regarding job rejection letters. 

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App Forms Are Front Page News

It's not often that online application forms make the front page of the Wall Street Journal, but yesterday, the A-Hed (WSJ's front page humor article) was all about people with unique names and the trouble they have with application or web forms.

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Communication is a key element to online application success

Communication can be a challenge for many of us. Sure, we all talk with co-workers, bosses and peers — and add texts, emails and social-media messages in there, too — but we often don’t fully express what is necessary for organization and potential progress.

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Step 3 in building online applications: Make it easy and efficient for evaluators

In our previous entries, we examined the importance of making online applications easy to use through a smart and straightforward layout, and how to best present questions to guide applicants through the process. The third and final step puts the focus on the evaluator — the individual or committee that is reviewing the applications.

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